Rainstorm 2020

Rainstorm is a teaching plaform where students, professors and researchers from various unversities and other institutions present lectures about various topics. I got to learn about radiation oncology, lung health and rehabilitation engineering, among others. Read on for my notes on this wonderful event.

Neutering Insect-borne Pestilences using CRISPR

Insects, from time immemorial, have been a boon and bane for humanity. While some insects are needed for pollination, many insects have spread diseases in humans, plants and animals. By using CRISPR gene editing technique to alter insect genes and using the insects’ natural desire to propagate, dangerous insect populations can be controlled.

In Search of T. Rex’s Descendants using Bioinformatics!

I came across this interesting article about how scientists were able to trace the closest living relatives of the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur to a common species that usually ends up on our dinner plate using some online tools and some DNA detective work!