JAWS vs SARS: How Shark Antibodies are being used to Combat Covid-19

JAWS vs SARS! This is my high school HOSA club newsletter article from January 2022. COVID-19 – you’ll need a bigger spike protein! Sharks, the formidable underwater predators produce antibodies that can be used to fight the dreaded COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) coronavirus.

In Search of T. Rex’s Descendants using Bioinformatics!

I came across this interesting article about how scientists were able to trace the closest living relatives of the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur to a common species that usually ends up on our dinner plate using some online tools and some DNA detective work!

Reviewing “Genetics and Human Health”

The book by Faith Hickman Byrnie is one of the best structured books on genetics that I’ve read. Despite the fact that it was published in 1995, the book is one of the best introduction into the world of genetics for a middle schooler. The stories the author incorporated into the book to explain what genetics was, had an impact on me. The stories were not bland, but full of vivid detail and were more than compelling; it will keep you engaged.