Por qué estoy interesado en la genética

Cómo comencé a estudiar sobre genética después de comenzar a buscar la cura de un tipo de cáncer que afectaba a mi abuela.

Reviewing “Genetics and Human Health”

The book by Faith Hickman Byrnie is one of the best structured books on genetics that I’ve read. Despite the fact that it was published in 1995, the book is one of the best introduction into the world of genetics for a middle schooler. The stories the author incorporated into the book to explain what genetics was, had an impact on me. The stories were not bland, but full of vivid detail and were more than compelling; it will keep you engaged.

GM Food – Good or Gross?

Innovative ideas are need to improve environmentally sustainable, safe and healthy food production to keep up with the growing population on planet Earth. Genetically Modified (GM) or Genetically Engineering (GE) food provide a promising new way to improve crop production. However care should be taken in how GM crops are introduced after intensive testing.